Tuesday Tag-Along

First time for me in Tuesday Tag-Along at Twee Poppets. I just jumped in over there and it looks like there's a good number of interesting bloggers participating. If you're visiting my blog, WELCOME and I hope you consider following. Please make sure to leave your link so I can visit your blog in turn. I'm always happy to meet fellow bloggers and exchange our smidgens of wisdom. Mahalo! (Thank you!)

Tuesday Tag-Along


  1. Following you back finally. I absolutely love your blog!! Cant wait to see more.
    I am currently undergoing some site construction, be on the lookout for all the changes.
    Make sure you get entered into all my wonderful giveaways too!
    Stay Fabulous

  2. following back!! can't wait to snoop around on your blog..it looks wonderful!


  3. thanks for following my blog, I am just starting in the blogverse I am glad to find more blogs to follow! I am your newest follower!

  4. Following back! Thanks so much for tagging along this week! :)


  5. Following you back! Thanks so much for stopping by my page :-)

  6. So nice for your comment on Daisy. She is quite a lady and I enjoy her. I am debating selling her as we need a heavier vehicle to pull her as you saw on the hill, but that was an extreme problem for us there.

    I love your Tuesday Poppit, I love the clotheslines anywhere! Cute idea!

    I like to reuse and recycle also like you. I was happy to follow your blog as you are so entertaining!

    Smiles, Cyndi


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