Vinyl Electrical Tape Art

This type of affordable wall art is made using vinyl electrical tape. Yep, remember that vinyl electrical tape is now available in bright, primary colors, in addition to the standard black electrician's tape. This pattern on the wall is very MOD looking. (Edit: the pattern above is based on the works by artist Piet Mondrian, which did inspire designer Yves St. Laurent's MOD fashion of the 60s which was partly made famous by the super model, Twiggy.) Whew....I hope I got that right. Thanks Firefly. LOL

Here's a softer version using the same medium.....vinyl electrical tape. You could apply this directly on walls or doors or on a canvas mounted on the wall. Lots of possibilities. Here's the original post by lilybee on Instructables showing step by step. Cool, huh?

P.S. Someone mentioned in the how-to that you need to use the original tape as it adheres well to surfaces. Apparently they tried a cheaper discount store variety with less than favorable results. Vinyl electrical tape is very affordable and can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store.


  1. Love the trees, Pam!

  2. Don't say twiggy that is pure Mondrian. Sorry the art degree in me felt the need to educate. It's really awesome doing that with electircal tape though, might have to try that someday down the line.

  3. I love that. Who knew you could do so much with just simple electrical tape.

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  5. That looks amazing! I've seen vinyl wall stickers, but this would be so much more cheaper...great way to spruce up a dorm room, huh?

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  7. WOW that is unbelievable...I would have never thought of that!

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  8. So very creative and smart!!

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