DIY Wall Art and Decor

Just a quick trip in cyberspace resulted in some fun and frugal projects for DIY Wall Art and Decor. Let's see what you think about....

using cupcake liners as wall art and decor? See how they did it at DIYIdeas. Look for the project aptly entitled Sweet Success. Or......

would you believe this is Dollar Store decor? Visit The Little Brown House for this incredibly easy tutorial. Who knew wall art and decor could be so romantic? And, wait till you see...

the fun project that Design Sponge discovered and tells us all about. Here's the scoop on this trio of bottle vases mounted to the wall. Of course, I gotta toot my own horn on this last one cause it may be an oldie, but it's a goodie and I made it and what the hey, right?...... :)

I call it "Shim Chic" because, of course, it's made from wood shims. You can make one too in a very, very short time and for very, very little money. Here's how I did it...

What sort of DIY Wall Art and Decor have you been working on? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. The shims are a great idea. I'm not sure about the cupcake liners though, not sure if they would last long. Too "smashable" if someone wants to touch them.

  2. I know! I keep adding it up - "Okay, I won't need 2.87 followers a day until the 8th". It's becoming an obsession!!

    I love your new header! Did you make the hanger wall thing? That's really cool looking!!

    I'm also going to look at your tips for shrinking buttons - I NEED to do that. My linky party thing is out of control! It's either OUT THERE or boring looking!

    Have a happy Sunday!


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