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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pink Please!

Pink Please! That's the color of the wicker purse I requested for my 9th birthday, many, many moons ago. And guess what? I got it! I was beyond bliss when I carefully removed the wrapping paper and saw that first glimpse of pink wicker. Inside was a colorful cotton cabana striped lining; it was truly my most favorite birthday gift and a beautiful childhood memory. What made me think of my pink please wicker handbag from long ago? Well, heck, today happens to be my birthday. So, in honor of myself I did a little search on the Internet to see if I could find another pink please purse. Here's what I found...

The pink wicker purse in the lead pic most closely resembles my original pink please birthday gift. It's from a site called Michelle's Vintage Jewelry, but alas the purse has already been sold. :(

This funky pink please vintage handbag/clock is from Pink Pig blog. I would definitely enjoy a pink please bag like this one in my home. (minus the pretty pink pig though). Isn't this a cute idea for a handbag? 

Uh..............nope, this is not my idea of a pink please purse for me, but I think I might enjoy making a couple of copy-catter frilly handbags for some little nieces of mine. After all, pink and little girls just naturally go together, don't they? Because I gotta tell you that $280 is a little out of my budget. Aloha, and oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me! ;)  

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