My Project was Featured on Lowe's Creative Ideas Community Projects! YIPPEE!

How incredibly exciting for me! This morning I discovered my simple wood shim chic project is a front page feature on Lowe's mass email for their Creative Ideas Community Projects for August. I signed up a bit ago to receive daily emails and decided to join up and share my ideas. Thank you Lowe's! (It's easy to sign up and share your projects. Check them out!)


  1. Congrats Pam! They obviously saw what a talented and creative idea you had with that.

    Lowes is like, Big. Well done you! :D

  2. Did they let you know before they published it?
    Congrats! Awesome for you!

  3. Tru - Nope, I just noticed it in my inbox thru the regular monthly email they send out about the Creative Ideas projects. Glad I saw it! haha Pam

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!! Congrats Pam!!!!!



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