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I use twisted wire frequently in various projects. Twisting wire adds strength and interest; it's also very easy to do. All you need for twisting wire is a power drill, needle nose pliers/wire cutters and, of course, the wire. Here you go.....

The pliers/wire cutters are pointed towards the part of the drill you'll be using, which is the adjustable clamp in front.

If two strands of twisted wire is the goal, cut off a piece double the measurement of the length needed PLUS an additional 1 inch of wire. Fold this piece in half and make a small loop at the top of the wire if desired for hanging. Otherwise, use the pliers and your hands to twist the two strands together at top. (Basically all you need to do is ensure all number of strands of twisted wire are secured together on one end before proceeding.)

At the opposite end of the wire, grasp all wire strands with the pliers and form a short curl back onto itself. This keeps the wire strands together and makes the whole process much easier.

Insert the curled end of the wires into the clamp of the drill. Tighten the clamp until the wire is securely in place. Hold other end of the wire taut with the pliers. Pull trigger on the drill and begin twisting wire. Tip: Twisting wire that is extra long can be done easily with the help of a buddy. Simple, huh? :)
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    Thanks for the wire twisting tip! Tres easy! :D


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