Hidden Gold! Leather Ergonomic Chair Grouping - SCORE!

Every trip to the thrift shop and the flea market, every garage sale pit stop I make, I have this vision of hidden gold and treasures in the back of my mind. Maybe this time I'll pick up a $1 piece of art that's worth tens of thousands.....maybe this will finally be the find that will finance a new roof on our home???!!! Naw......., but I did score big in my book. 

See the leather arm chair that was hidden under a funky slipcover?

(Notice that it's real leather. Make note also of the stitching lines and the ergonomic shape. See the contemporary steel legs. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

In the thrift shop, I sit on the leather ergonomic chair and sigh in satisfaction. It's like sitting on a cloud with good support for every piece of anatomy I own. Enough debating already - it's time for real action! Calculating quickly and being too chicken to flip the chair over inside the crowded store and risk having to take home the purple neon glass brain paperweight sitting close by on a rickety shelf, I take a gamble on the $5 thrift shop price tag. I grab this mystery leather arm chair and one of 3 matching slipper chairs which is also slipcovered in the same funky orange upholstery fabric. Pay at the register, cram these in the back of my Jeep Wrangler and speed home.

I pull the leather arm chair out of the Jeep, flip it over and read: KFF Design....run to the computer, and here's my exact KFF design chair. I see the price. HUH??!! I unload the leather slipper chair from my Jeep and race back to the store. SCORE! The other 2 slipper chairs are still there hidden under their matching funky slipcovers. I pick up leather cleaner on the way home.

So, what do you think the verdict will be? Keep in mind that when I pulled off the funky slipcovers I did notice a lot of grimy dirt and body oil (ewwwwwwww - well it's the truth) in places that show these chairs were used a LOT. Which just proves too how incredibly comfortable they truly are.

Do you think I've actually managed to turn my $20 investment into $2000? Will I be able to get my new roof now with the additional monies from unexpected and hidden gold?

Honestly, even IF I can get all the leather looking prime, IF I could pull my content and happy and comfortable bones out of even one of the chairs, heck, I still could NEVER sell a chair for that much. My karma just wouldn't allow me. If I did, I'm afraid that new roof might just decide to cave in right over our heads. LOL

I've always believed there's a fine line between making a profit and being a glutton and living this way all my life, being willing to make a good fair profit in all things and passing on a share to others, it just comes right around back to me, kind of like a boomerang. Just paying it forward pays double and triple fold in one way or another and it's the only way I know. (But I'll keep you posted on how this chair story ends.)

Have a wonderful Sunday with those you love!

P.S. If anyone out there in blogville has a good method for cleaning leather, even homemade recipes, please post a link in the comments so we can all benefit. Mahalo!


  1. Wow! You scored big time! Bet they are comfortable! Not sure if you can use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on leather or not, but they do an amazing job cleaning up all kinds of "gunk"! Good luck!

  2. I love the chairs! Such good lines.

  3. Very cool chairs. I am so glad you made it to my blog. Sorry, I took so long to return a comment. Real life has not been so forth coming in the time department.


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