Recycled Glass Vase Plant Starter

Philodendrons are such a hardy house plant to grow and they are a favorite of mine for making plant starters. While visiting at my mom's in the mainland a while back, I rummaged around under her kitchen sink and came up with two recycled glass vases perfect to make this plant starter vessel.

You'll need glass marbles or pebbles or colorful buttons plus two clear glass vases, one large and one small. The smaller vase needs to be able to sit comfortably inside the larger vase and it should be either equal in height or slightly shorter. You can see the vases pictured are standard vases like those received from a florist.

Set the smaller vase centered inside the larger vase.

Fill the space between the vases with the marbles. Once filled, add water to the center bud vase and place cuttings inside. Set the plant starter in a window sill to catch the sunlight. Monitor water level and replenish as needed until starter is ready to transplant. Note: philodendrons do best in indirect sunlight so keep this in mind when finding a resting spot for the recycled glass plant starter. Wasn't that just the easiest?
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  1. Now THAT is creative--I might just give it a try since philodendron are some of the few houseplants I don't seem to be able to kill (not that I try, it just happens). Looks so pretty in the window!

  2. Hi, I'm visisting from Someday Crafts! That is a super creative idea, looks great and functional! I may try it with my Hydrangeas as I accidentally rooted one is just water, so I was going to try it again!
    I'd like to invite you to bring your project to share at my Garden Linky Party June 23-25 at Keen Inspirations. There will be lots of great summer/outdoor and garden projects as well as some great giveways! I'd love to have you join us! Mark your calendar
    Hope to see you there!

  3. Yes, very easy and very neat! Great idea!


  4. Oh, a cool idea! Easy and useful. Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet ya!

    Liz (aka Ninny, because that's what my grandbabies call me!)

  5. WOW! What a great idea, Pam!!!

    THank you for sharing and i look forward to learning more tips and tricks from your blog! :)

  6. Wow, I think this is just a great idea for any vase! I like the look of it even if you just want it to hold some flowers--it looks so pretty and one can change the color by just changing the marbles!



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