Tipsy Pot Planters

I'm so proud of my little Tipsy Pot Planters with my herbs......(see pic, but also see in the pic that I'm still working on finishing mulch and edging). But couldn't wait to share this....

I realize I'm the last person on earth to have even seen one of these, but I was so lucky to happen upon a website or blog a few weeks ago that had these funky looking planters......If it was from one of the people whose blog I already follow, PLEASE let me know and I'll set up a link. Because I totally DID NOT bookmark it. :(  YIKES!

So, for now, here's a link I found that has some really good info on these space-saving planters. If you've got a small yard or even a balcony, well, this could be your answer.

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  1. I LOVE these, Pam! I was actually dreaming up something just like it for herbs before I decided to bite to bullet and go all out for my berries this year! You're so creative!

  2. That is super cute...and I haven't ever seen it before so you are just the SECOND to last...

  3. Very cute, Pam! I don't think I've ever seen these. I've seen a fountain similar to the tipsy pots, though! Thanks for the nice comment on my new deck planter. I was so happy to find it!

  4. I like that!
    I would love to live in Hawaii! WOW.
    Very cute blog!
    Love it!
    Following you back!

  5. These are great and look really good. My mum has some like that with trailing plants in (I have no idea what they are!) and they look really effective!

  6. WOW! What a fun and funky idea!

  7. Wow! Okay, You are not the last person in blogland to see/get one of these. They are fantastic and now that I've seen yours I'm considering a much smaller version for my window sill for herbs in the kitchen. Amazing idea!

  8. You're not the last. I showed mine on my blog and people went ahead and did it..
    I love the idea of just having herbs in it!
    Great job!

  9. Love this. I'm going to have to make one.
    Kelly Marie


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