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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rotary Dial Telephone - $1

Isn't she a beauty? I took a chance at the Thrift Shop the other day and picked up this really filthy dirty wall mounted telephone from the mid 60s. It was marked $5, but because I'm a frequent shopper they sold it to me for $1. Of course, I'm gonna get it, right?

For $1, I didn't really care if it worked cause it was so cool to look at, but I was hoping it did. The digital phones we received free from our cable company can't hold a battery charge longer than 10 minutes (if we're lucky.) Plus, having the base plugged in all day costs energy dollars too. So.....

I brought home this Automatic Electric/GTE Model #192 rotary dial phone, cleaned it up with a LOT of alcohol and removed the telephone jack from the base of my worthless digital duo and plugged it into the back of my "new" retro phone. Eureka (success!) lol.....it works beautifully. I called myself from my cell phone (I had forgotten how LOUD and kinda annoying the old fashioned bell rings are) and then I called my cell phone from my rotary dial phone. It's a champ! I hung it inside my computer armoire and I'm back in business.....

Nothing like going back to the basics. Satisfied sigh.........!!!

P.S. Look closely to the left of the phone and you'll see a retro phone timer.....The sand in the hour glass would allow you 3 minutes to either finish your telephone call or get the egg out when it's done. (Hey, that was really important back in the day when long distance charges were sky high.)


  1. And don't you just love letting your finger do the free ride back home? Love it!

  2. hi thanks for visiting. The big button I got at Joanne Fabrics they just got them in. mishelle

  3. My mother still has her rotary phone in her kitchen!

  4. LOL, good for you! My mom still has two old rotary phones. One of them is a wall mount like yours and it's bright orange! Hello 70's! Good thing it's in her basement where most people don't ever see it.


  5. You are so right! I'm looking for one this week.. I get on the phone with my daughter and my 'hand held' starts beeping at me 15 minutes later... out it go's!!
    Thanks for this post... back to the good ol days!

  6. My parents just gt touch tone a month ago! it was still rotaty dial! LOL

  7. I love this cute vintage phone, if I had a home phone line I would certainly have one of these beauties. I loathe cordless phones and even cell phones with their constantly dying batteries and general beeping evil annoying-ness.

  8. Pam, what a cool find, and it's so funny that they know you and cut you deals at the thrift store! hahaa
    These phones started to scare me once someone told me that God forbid, in an emergency your fingers might not be able to circle 911 fast enough. After then I always hated these phones. :D But it's still kind of cute.

  9. I can remember my parents having a rotary dial phone when I was younger and loved it! Great find and it looks great!

  10. Ha! My Grandma still used one of those up until a few years ago! What a great find! You're from Missouri? What part? We're orginally from Lawrence, KS....you're not a Mizzou fan, are you?


  11. When we take children on tours through the museum, we invite them to dial a number on a rotary phone. It's amazing how many haven't a clue how to do it! (Love the blog!)

  12. This is such a FUN idea! I actually had to explain to me kids what a rotary phone was..they have never seen one! I am looking for a pink rotary phone for my desk area, but that colour is not so easy to find.


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