Old Door + Mirror Pieces = Funky Table

I actually made this funky table years ago before blogging was invented probably, lol, so there are unfortunately no tutorial step by step pics to look at. I'll be as descriptive as I can, but basically this was a simple project.

This is one half of a 4 recessed panel solid wood door. I first used a table saw to cut the door in half. Original and refinished hairpin legs were attached to the bottom side of the door. Trim wood was mitered and secured with finishing nails and carpenters glue to the sides of the door table. (Note: clamps were utilized overnight to ensure a solid adhesion on the table's wood edge.) The table was then lightly sanded, primed and painted solid black, followed with a dry brushing of silver craft paint. Finally, several coats of water base polycrylic were applied to protect the finish on this funky table.

Vintage broken mirror pieces were butter-backed with tile mastic into the recessed areas of the old door/table. I then mixed sanded black grout to fill in the open areas surrounding the mirror. After the grout had set for 30 minutes, I did an initial clean up with a damp sponge, followed by a thorough cleaning after an overnight wait. (Grout is easy to DIY, the directions can be found on the packaging.)

Find an old recessed panel wood door and make your own funky table. I think this would look great tiled with colorful broken dishes, mosaic tile, river rock, etc. This funky table is very adaptable to suit your particular tastes and style.

P.S. Remember to use gloves and take care to protect your hands while applying grout around the broken mirror pieces. Once grout is level with the mirrors edge, the table is perfectly safe to use. And for the record, the mirror was already broken when I found it. :)

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  1. Hey, Pam! Thanks for coming over and saying Hi! Right back at ya! Great site! I don't think I have as much energy as you but I can sure relate to "if my body isn't moving, my brain is".
    Always as project up there! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following; you're my first follower & followee from Hawaii! You have an incredible blog...can't wait to see more beautiful pictures of the area!

  3. What a crafty girl you are!! Very impressive and creative! Nice work!!

    Just so you know, I love Hawaii.

  4. I ma a new follower! I love your new project! Would you please come link it up on my website? We have a flock for Crafty Mamas! It would be perfect there! Midchix is for us cool chix over 40! See you there!

  5. Very cool! I like that you made a reason for the glass panels.


  6. Very cool and funky table. The mirror mosaic is wonderful! I've seen a few others in blogland and I'm thinking of trying one out. Clever lady!

  7. That's great and for me, the funkier the better!


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