TRUE BLOOD - At last! Bill and Sookie Together Again!

I can hardly wait.....counting down the hours, minutes and seconds. Are there any more True Blood fans out there? I've read the entire series of Charlaine Harris's books, but it's always fun to see what ends up on the tv screen.

I have to stay away from the computer on Sunday afternoon my time here in Hawaii because some of you in the mainland (especially East coast) already know the plot where I'm still waiting for it to air here. Sure don't want any spoiler alerts.
You may be interested in this little bit of trivia.....back in 78 when I moved to the islands, the weekly tv series were shown here 1 WEEK LATER......only some sports programs were aired live.


  1. I watched the final episode from last season last night in preparation for Sunday (of course I'd seen it before but this was a good refresher). I remember how mad I was at Sookie for not answering YES immediately but then of course felt so bad for her when she came out of the bathroom and he was gone. Where'd he go? Who kidnapped him? How much will we know after Sunday night? INQUIRING MINDS NEED TO KNOW!!!

  2. I can't wait either! I should re watch them all but I doubt I'll have time this weekend.

  3. I confess I haven't watched this. I don't get HBO for one thing, but mostly I know I watch too much TV already. Is it really THAT GOOD? I know you're going to say yes... don't know why I asked that one....

  4. Robin - I started out reading the books, and then the series began on HBO. Of course, I was hooked. The books and the series I think are intentionally meant to be campy with an undercurrent of sex and danger, always a winning combo. Anyway, I'm a DIE-hard fan. (I love puns!) ;)
    The rest of you ladies I see I don't have to do any convincing at all. Like I said from the start, Vampire Bill can bite me any day. LOL


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