Kids Activities During Those Long Days of Summer

That picture is of me (, where's my shirt??!!), my mom and my two brothers, late 1950s. We three kids shared one birthday cake each summer since August was our birthday month. I don't remember ever feeling bored as a kid during those days. Barefoot, catching fireflies and scratching mosquito Then later as we got older, we graduated to a week long Bible Camp at the Baptist Church. (It was free for church members and it was our first experience at staying overnight away from mom and dad.) It was so much fun!

Of course the world is different now. Many school districts have shorter summer breaks and families may be single-parented or both parents are working. No matter the circumstances, there are kids activities and camps and ideas and classes available out there to make a lot of summer memories.

Moms can get together with other moms and have once a week craft parties or picnics. Keeping our kids physically and mentally active and helping them to develop face to face social skills will build their self confidence and that can only be a good thing. Check out this summer camps locator by zip code here. If you're military, you should also check Operation Purple Camp. Find out additional information for more kids activities by following this link.


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